Paul Culler

Insurance (Life & Health & Disability)
(440) 654-8046

Avon Lake resident for 26 years. Married to Marilyn since 1976, 2 adult daughters (Dawn, Terry), 4 grandchildren, 1 granddog (Louie). Previously spent 40 years in the School Supply Industry distributing supplimental educational materials, art and office supplies, furniture, early childhood supplies and Apple computers to schools, teachers and parents in a multi-state region.

I joined American National in May, 2013 after beginning my Insurance carreer with Farmers Ins. Americam National is a multiple line insurace company and therfore can insure just about anything you value. I was attracted to the Life Insurance offering. American National has been insuring loved ones since 1905 and has a full array of products including term, permanent and annuity products.

I think of insurance as being of 2 types. First is the kind you RENT (term). You pay a set amount for a set period of time. When that period is over, both parties walk away. Second is Insurance you BUY (permanent). Payments are made and insurance is provided for your lifetime. This often results in a cash buildup within the policy which can offer tax advantages.

Most other types of insurance are IF insurance: IF I have an accident, IF my home is damadeg by a storm etc. Life Insurance is WHEN insurance. WHEN (and it can not yet be avoided) something happens to you, those you love will be able to continue to live in their home, attend the same schools, perhaps receive a college education or just be able to afford a movie or a dress for the prom.

I offer choices, because Life Happens  and everyone has a desire, a need, even an obligation to protect the ones they LOVE.

Identity Theft is a growing problem. Every year more and more people find that their idenity or that of their children has been compromied. It is not just your credit cards and bank accounts but also your drivers license and medical account information. You need Monitoring, Resolution and most important RESTORATION. Stop wasting your money on inferior products. LegalShield offers Restoration service through Kroll Inc. the largest risk-management firm in the world.