Primary Benefits of Avon IRN

In Avon IRN We Are All About the Six Primary Benefits

  • First Primary Benefit, and probably the primary reason that people join International Referral Network is to get new and additional business.
  • Second Primary Benefit is you get to meet people that you otherwise would not have met.
  • Third Primary Benefit is that it teaches us to serve as a resource for our customers and clients.
  • Fourth Primary Benefit is that we help each other develop our overall communication skills. You can't expect to get any better referrals than the message you give, and on a weekly basis we work on giving messages and telling people what's a good referral for us. By doing this on a weekly basis we all become better communicators.
  • Fifth Primary Benefit is receive a business listing on the IRN website.
  • Sixth Primary Benefit is it creates a forum to give to other people. Networking is all about giving. The principal rule of networking is simply this: those people who give are the people who will get, and we find that on a consistent basis, the people who are giving the most referrals are the ones getting the most referrals.