Know, Like, and Trust: The Avon Way

What it is... International Referral Network Inc. organizes chapters of entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals. Our Chapter is Avon. Our Members are business men and women who work together to build a network for professionals they know, like and trust. The primary purpose of the network of Members is to help each other succeed by creating a structured environment where they receive referrals from a network of similar, yet non-competing business professionals.

How it Works… Avon meets each Friday at IHOP located at Avon Commons at Rte. 83 and Detroit between 7:45 am and 9:00 am. We follow a precise agenda that affords Members (as well as guests) an opportunity to educate other members about their product or service as well as describe their ideal business prospect. Through this process members come to know like and trust one another which enables them to work to generate Qualified Business Referrals for each other.

Why it works… Networking has proven to be the Number 1 way to build business and secure additional business opportunities. IRN has established proven methods to grow your business more effectively and forge stronger client relationships. We have fine-tuned the art of networking and quality referral generation. This ability empowers you to control your own success and make it more predictable. It's easy when you know, like and trust your fellow business members.

IRN Quality… AVON IRN is an extraordinaryly dynamic Chapter amongst a very active group of Chapters within the IRN organization. Avon IRN is committed to make the most of your membership by staying on the cutting edge of our industry and being extremely diligent in maintaining the quality of our members and our organization. There is no questions we all prefer to do business with people we KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

Come visit us each Friday morning!!